Between Bullet Bending and Identity Search

Humm… ini… rada-rada basi… soalnya filmna dah keluar lama, around 2 weeks ago or so, but I just got the chance around now. So, what can I do lah. And it’s not the first time I watch a movie without looking at the synopsis (Yeah, I like reading the synopsis… I like being tempted with the namelist or storyline). And yeah, it’s all happen when I watch wanted. Yeah, actually I already see the whole plot twist like… err… almost half of the movie, but I keep my suspicions for myself, cause no one…. as I said… no one… would like to spoil any surprises like that ^_^

Actually, as I watch the movie. I didn’t think a single bit about the bullet xD yeah, to be honest, I was more focused on how the main character (Wesley Gibson, played by James McAvoy) is searching for ‘who he is’. Yeah, kinda remind me to my fave Ayanami Rei’s monologue on Evangelion episode 13.

Anata wa dare? Anata wa atashi
Who are you? You are me…
Atashi wa dare? Atashi wa jibun
Who am I? I am myself…

The process of self-searching isn’t easy. Well, it’s somewhat like a general truth as in “nothing is easy in this world” *laughs*. But yeah… currently I’m interested with the idea of self-searching, maybe because we (just as other people, CAN’T GET ENOUGH and WON’T REACH A POINT OF SATISFACTION) will never stop the process of ‘self-searching’. Humm… no idea, don’t ask me why, just admit it xD

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