I want to buy a relationship

NOTE: It’s written by a delusional girl, who in her current state of boredom unable to think straight and make clear views. No offense to those who loved someone (or some people), as I just stating what I have in mind.
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Sad Sad Kiddie

After grow up and mastered on how to say ‘NO’ as quick as possible and having great difficulty on saying a clear ‘YES’. I find it rather amusing when there are some people who are about to confess their love. Or just in time to start dating (or decided to start dating), but they’re keep hesitating on doing so!

Bleh… wonder what’s got on their mind?

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Yeah!!! We’ve survived!! (somehow)

Actually, I want to put something more romantic and a bit unusual here. But due to some circumstances, and issues around us in the past recent days…. I think I better keep those ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ for some time later.

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