My (own) kind of winter

If being in love is spring, then most probably I’m forever stay in winter.
It’s just like… what… hum… the winter loves me so much and doesn’t want me to go?
A friend told me that I’m just being insecure and freaked myself so much, I have to say he’s right. *shrugs* I have nothing to deny that fact. I admit I’m such a cold person. Bleh, I’m heartless! Don’t have one, don’t want one.

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Personality Upgrade

Humm… unusual… it’s not new year’s eve, but I’m thinking for some ‘upgrading’ for my personality. But hey, we can upgrade our personality anytime we want, no? (and I believe it goes the same with ‘degrading’)

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I want to buy a relationship

NOTE: It’s written by a delusional girl, who in her current state of boredom unable to think straight and make clear views. No offense to those who loved someone (or some people), as I just stating what I have in mind.
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A torture known as ‘mobile phone’

Phew…. err… satu hal yang banyak orang nggak tahu about me is how I abhor mobile phone. 😡
Bukan kenapa-kenapa, but I always see mobile phone as a way to restrict people instead of letting them do whatever they want. Still, I love internet xD

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Happiness… Uresshii na~~~

Okay… it’s monday, and I didn’t get a good start this morning :s
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Un-official post

Humm… akhirna, setelah dipaksa, dirayu, dan semi digeret sama nFath, akhirnya boyongan juga ke but I still keep my LJ tho :p

Buat my beloved pitas, I still love you, don’t worry… Kalo bosen, aku puter balik…. wuakakakakakaka xD

what else yes? Humm… this isn’t an official post to mark my new blog. Just something I want to post after some refreshments around this new blog ^^

My blog = my house (most probably another love nest :p). I have to take care of it. Yay… I talk so un-like me at all xDD~~

Cya around then

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