I’m moving~~~~~~ ^_^

Yosh… It’s been a while, and yeah it’s been uber fun here. But I’ve decided to move my blog where I can customize it at will.

Well, I’m still using wordpress though… *laughs*

Anyway, please update your link here

Sankyu (^o^)/

My (own) kind of winter

If being in love is spring, then most probably I’m forever stay in winter.
It’s just like… what… hum… the winter loves me so much and doesn’t want me to go?
A friend told me that I’m just being insecure and freaked myself so much, I have to say he’s right. *shrugs* I have nothing to deny that fact. I admit I’m such a cold person. Bleh, I’m heartless! Don’t have one, don’t want one.

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Ah uhmm…..

Well, a new post… I’m trying to accustomed myself with this blogging style and well… try to do something with the layout ^^