Me, Bad Luck, and Communication

*sighs* Gila…. baru mulai nulis dah sighing, wonder what’s wrong with me huh….
Well… setelah sekian lama tidak peduli dengan yang namanya Bad Luck (terhitung sudah sekitar 3 tahun 10 bulan lah, aku ga mikirin masalah itu) suddenly, something struck and I got the thought that ‘yeah… I bring lotsa bad lucks’
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Hibernating ish good ^_________^

Humm… I’ve just back, after two days with no net at home. Well, I used to get used with it so it shouldn’t be any problem for me.
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Request? o.O

Recently, sebel ga karuan sama R*****, yeah… that’s the name of my boyfriend (most people dislike the term lover, I simply want to say ‘well… he’s my special one’ but hey…. he’s not that special to me xD. Okay, okay… he IS special, but not THAT special for me to go head over heels for him. Anyway, well… I got mad at him for foolish reason. It’s because I think that he’s kinda fading away slowly from me. It’s not that I don’t understand or even don’t want to understand about his real life, but well… I even spare some time for him, at least say something, even if it’s just a simple “<3 you” or something even more stupid than that.
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Happiness… Uresshii na~~~

Okay… it’s monday, and I didn’t get a good start this morning :s
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Un-official post

Humm… akhirna, setelah dipaksa, dirayu, dan semi digeret sama nFath, akhirnya boyongan juga ke but I still keep my LJ tho :p

Buat my beloved pitas, I still love you, don’t worry… Kalo bosen, aku puter balik…. wuakakakakakaka xD

what else yes? Humm… this isn’t an official post to mark my new blog. Just something I want to post after some refreshments around this new blog ^^

My blog = my house (most probably another love nest :p). I have to take care of it. Yay… I talk so un-like me at all xDD~~

Cya around then

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