I am….

I am just a simple girl, with extra ordinary personality (another way to say psychotic and moody persona) and wide ranged interest from A to Z (no, sorry, not from hentai to hentai xD) . What else? I love Fuu, I love Fuu, and I love Fuu ^_______^.

I’m from Indonesia, but yeah… I prefer to write it all down in English for a simple reason, so my other friends can read it as well. And yeah… I’m adjusting myself to speak and write more and more and more in English, even though my English is still crappy. Ahahahahaha… well, but I’ll write in Indo as well. I’ll try to make it easier for people who learn Indo to grasp my meaning (yeah, it includes you Cal! You! and also K, as I told R*** for not learning Indo xD) :3

Yesh… current status <strong>in a relationship</strong> with a Japan descended Brazillian (Susah yes, mo bilang dia orang Brazil yang keturunan Jepang, well… both of his grandma are Japanese, dan emakna suka sekali masak masakan Jepang T_T -susah saingan sama emaknya, eh but he said he’ll eat any of my cooking though ^^-). His initial is R, as I won’t reveal his real name. And yeah, he hates publicity (same as me), and we’re trying to avoid the upcoming drama and chaos if we tell the whole world.

it\'s me!! me!!

As you can see from the picture… I’m forever 16!  Mwahahahahahaha… impossible yes, ahahahahaha but that’s what I keep saying on irc. Ah yeah… if you want to have small chat. I’m available on irc as well. You can go to #shibuya or #pointseven @Dalnet or in #mdxd @irchighway. Mostly I lurk there :3

My passions are language, books, culinary world, music, movies, and of course manga and anime! So far, I’m still learning Japanese and yeah as you can see my English is still crappy :p I’m also interested in many psychological and social matter. Just keep some maths and calculation away from me since sometimes I don’t want to see number at all xD

Jya ^^


  1. pertamax

  2. anjrooot.. keduluan homok dompu..



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