About the blog

* What is a blog?
Jelas lah jawabannya, tempat nulis orang yang kalo ga dikeluarin semua ide-na bisa2 dia jadi gila :p

* Why “-not so- Free Will” as the name?
Humm… well, my old blog name was “The Free Will”, and of course there won’t be something like “The second Free Will” or anything similar. Sides, when we think about it again, about “the free will” concept. We will find out that actually it’s not THAT free! “The will” would bumped into some other restrictions called norm, habit, law, etc. So, in my opinion, there’s hardly such thing as ‘free will’. Ada kali ya, aslina… The problem is, what’s that? where? and how to obtain it?

*What makes this one different than before, or your other page?
> mp3 download. Yah, since I’m a good person (or at least trying to be one). I’m uploading my song Mood’s tracks to some filehosts (and yeah, the filehosts are chosen randomly based on my mood at that time xD). Request? for now? Maybe not… but let’s see what I can do later, I mean, my collection isnt that much :3
Anyway, the entries that have mp3s will be tagged with ‘mp3’
> No… as in really NO… crazy layout xD. Yeah I realized that very well… my layout for my previous blogs were often confusing and not that user friendly. So…. *sighs* well… that’s one of the reasons why I decided to move to wordpress xD
> Everything else can be found later on xD

Have fun reading \(^_^)/

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