Manga Meeya Roxxx!!!!!!

Manga Meeya, Manga Meeya, Manga Meeya

Gah, I can say this name and chant it like some sort of spell for whole nights and days. Ohoho… yeah… yes… minna-san, I’m in love with this thing called Manga Meeya.

Okay, this is a manga reader tools. Err… buat yang nggak biasa, ato nggak peduli (as I used to be) mungkin prefer baca manga pake Irfanview, ACDsee, ato lebih parah (just like me… I use windows Fax and Image viewer bwahahahahaha so n00b!!!!)

So… Manga Meeya kurang lebih mirip Cdisplay. But well, I prefer Manga Meeya even though it’s still on beta mode. Sides, it was ‘cracked’ and translated to English by some wonderful people.

Manga Meeya bisa baca files yang di archive (zip, rar, etc etc). So you don’t have to extract the files just to read it. Sides, it works to read various image formats, and also ‘resize-able’ zoom. Plus, you can read double pages!! But what better is that Manga Meeya flows just like how we read manga! From right to left, and up to down! Plus, plus… yang lebih nyenengin…. You don’t have to install it!!! Just unzip the file, double click the *.exe and voila!

Sudah lah, it’s better if you go check it for yourself. Di sini

Have fun experiencing a new way to read your manga ^________^

Song Mood: Kazuya Hirabayashi – Moon on The Water; Eric Clapton – Blue Eyes Blue; Maroon5 – Better That We Break


  1. It really does. A pity there’s no sign of continued development 😦

  2. Actually there is a new version 2.4

  3. already see this : ?


  4. tukar link/ banner ku yah sob…kalo sudah dipasang konfirmasi ke blog aku nanti tak pasang…
    maaf kalo salah tempat

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