Personality Upgrade

Humm… unusual… it’s not new year’s eve, but I’m thinking for some ‘upgrading’ for my personality. But hey, we can upgrade our personality anytime we want, no? (and I believe it goes the same with ‘degrading’)

A few days ago, I watched a re-run on Oprah show, and it’s about a lecturer who knew that he has pancreas’s cancer and won’t live long. He said something that deeply engraved within me. “the wall was meant to make us realize how much we want what we wished for.”
And I agree with him. We shouldn’t see the wall as an obstacle, instead, we should see it as something to help us move forward. Not something that will push us back, but pull us forward. Quite weird concept, and another ‘easier said than done’ (just like any other self-upgrade quotes).

And it makes me re-think, again. As often we see the wall (the tall brick wall) as a huge obstacle and we’re often held back and afraid of many, many, many consequences that sometimes, created by (and also just inside) our mind. Another quote from Sawamura Masahiro in Harlem Beat, he said “The tall and thick wall is just inside your mind, and even if it’s really there. I believe you have break it down.”

I admit that there are so many times that I held back, and even hide myself in my unbreakable cocoon, simply because I don’t want to feel hurt. I mean, bumping into the wall? no way! It hurts! See… just by thinking about a wall and bumping into it already send a sensation of pain all over our body. And it’s no way easier to think that we’re able to overcome it.

My Yang ever commented that I tend to divert my mind quickly whenever I see a trouble coming, I always see a positive escapee (well, actually any other mean of escapes), and putting up a happy-go-lucky face (well, that goes along my other personal policy and err… let’s talk about it later). Honestly, I never realize that. Hahahahaha… I know and perfectly aware that I tend to run from my problems, but I never see it as seeing the problems through positive way, or (even try to) find the silver lining.

Having positive attitudes is really hard, and sometimes it feels like we’re deceiving ourselves by saying positive things even though our mind is stuck with the harsh reality and can’t escape from the massive bad thoughts. But still, there’s no harm on adding some random positive thoughts on our daily life. Even the slightest positive thought can make us feel happier. Try it! ^_^

Song Mood: The Police – Every Breath You Take; Tomoko Kaneda – Tsukurimasho; Blue – Get Down on It


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  1. >.>

    agreed o//

    but we shouldnt escape from our troubles, else they’ll pile up ^-^b

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