I want to buy a relationship

NOTE: It’s written by a delusional girl, who in her current state of boredom unable to think straight and make clear views. No offense to those who loved someone (or some people), as I just stating what I have in mind.

I want to buy a relationship
So I can have complete control upon it
I want to buy a relationship
So there’ll be no more pain, nor hardship

I want to have a lot of money
cause I don’t need loyalty or honesty
I want my wealth and fortune to never end
Cause it’s all I need and not romance.

I don’t want something that last forever
All I need is just an outlet for my desire
I require an edible yet disposable partner
So I can dump him and take another

People say money can’t buy happiness
I say ‘it can’t, but you won’t be happy without it’
I need money to satiate my hunger
And yeah, nothing else is matter

After all,
I don’t want perfection
I just need completion
But hey, it’s always easier said than done

Song Mood: Amy Winehouse – F*ck me pumps, Wannadies – You and Me Song

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