Sad Sad Kiddie

After grow up and mastered on how to say ‘NO’ as quick as possible and having great difficulty on saying a clear ‘YES’. I find it rather amusing when there are some people who are about to confess their love. Or just in time to start dating (or decided to start dating), but they’re keep hesitating on doing so!

Bleh… wonder what’s got on their mind?

As for me, punya perasaan itu susah, sekalinya ada. It’s better to keep it there, savor it, cherish it, yah syukur-syukur dah dipelihara dan dijaga hingga berbuah (err… another unimportant reminder, recently my language keep getting weirder and weirder, so please bear with it :x). Aku sama sekali nggak ngerti (or maybe I even refuse to understand), what makes them (read as those people) to keep holding back what they feel. Gosh, it’s already hard to acquire a feeling, and now you’re just gonna let it go? Just like that? @_@

I’m not trying to act cool and saying something like “well, do as you wish”, or anything similar. Most probably someone would gladly remind me how I used to have a crush on someone but afraid to tell that person. To think again, it’s just a crush. And yeah, one of these days, when I’ve got the chance to. I’d talk to them (since I have crushes on random and various people) that I used to have a crush on them. I can imagine how their expression would be. It’ll be like O_O with their jaw down so low, since it’s like close to impossible. xDDD
My, I’d really love to see such expression. Confession time, here I come! Bwahahahahahahaha

Anyway, back to the topic. Somehow I can’t help myself for not teasing a couple that already showed the sign of being in love with each other, but still hesitating and holding back for various reasons. There are these two couple I know, online and irl that have the same problems. Both were holding back their own feeling from each other. When one was trying to make a move, the other moves backward, and vice versa. The strangest thing is that they actually already admit and show the ‘sickness’ on being in love. They’re acting like the world is about to end and was like ‘adasjk21#$!#!@!jgdaj’ when one’s not around or it was kinda hard to talk with their ‘special one’. *sighs* Shikagatanai ne… *shrugs*

Well, I’m a practical one… so I tend to ignore such things. Suka ya suka, kagak ada tapi-tapian, whether you want to say it or not it’s clearly depend on you. But if you think that you already found that person, and you’re really sure about it, why not just saying it? It’s not as if you have to marry that person as soon as you said what you feel. It’s not like you have to be someone that they like just to make them like you more and more! If that person feels the same with you, be grateful, if not, why bother thinking about that person, well appreciate or still connection is fine though :p

But to think again, to gather the courage and also create the situation to tell isn’t easy (and not everybody is easy to manipulate). Ganbatte to you all!

Song Mood : The Pillows – Sad Sad Kiddie; Harlem Yu – Qing Fei De Yi; Arkarna – Life is Free; Tegomass – Kimi + Boku = Love [Lovely Complex anime 1st OP]


  1. Confession… duh… what if you confess, but then she just said “huh!?!?!?”, and then she left you alone with your empty O expression. And tommorow morning you talked to her like nothing ever happened.

    Ain’t it funny…? yeah.. tragically funny!


    And no, not a personal experience, just random thought,..

  2. Uhm… it ever happened to me. I ‘confessed’ to someone I like, and he brushed me off easily and think that it was a joke or a language game, instead of real confession…

    Yeah, tragically funny indeed xD

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