Yeah!!! We’ve survived!! (somehow)

Actually, I want to put something more romantic and a bit unusual here. But due to some circumstances, and issues around us in the past recent days…. I think I better keep those ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ for some time later.

A few days ago, I was bugged with the ‘break up’ idea, right after I sent a full of love email xD
Pathetic, huh? xD

Well, the issue was that he thinks (mean he’s still doing it till now) that his love is weaker than me, and that he still have some affection with his ex. What a hassle 😡
Somehow I think that maybe I’m not good enough for him. But then, the funniest thing was that he feels the same, that he’s not good enough for me xD LOL… what a couple… XDD

But well, I keep thinking that if he’s not happy when he’s with me, or that our relationship is nowhere near the word ‘happiness’ then there’s no reason for us to keep it going on. Such simple mind, no? xD
I think and also believe that love shall set you free not to bind you tightly. If you feel restrained and obliged and hardly enjoy that relationship anymore, then it’s not love. Suki ja nai yo!

Well, our first month was OK, since we talked a lot and so and so… but our second month was almost like hell… He’s being uber busy and suddenly his connection dropped for almost two week (anyway, about his busy status, it won’t stop until next year *pats herself* :X). And with so many issues around us, it’s almost like miracle that we still survived. Ahahahahaha…. now I have many things to work on.
Ganbatte me… Ganbatte us… and hope this relationship can last forever (which mean, he converted and we can get marry xDDD)

Song Mood : Diana King – Say A Little Prayer; India.Arie – Can I Walk With You; Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden(radio edit); Sarah McLachlan – Angel (radio edit); Lauren Wood – Fallen; Daniel Sahuleka – You Make My World So Colorful

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  1. pertamax….

    we’re all pathetic…. in a different way.. XD

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