A torture known as ‘mobile phone’

Phew…. err… satu hal yang banyak orang nggak tahu about me is how I abhor mobile phone. 😡
Bukan kenapa-kenapa, but I always see mobile phone as a way to restrict people instead of letting them do whatever they want. Still, I love internet xD

Okay, dulu sudah pernah ada kejadian ‘tidak menyenangkan’ yang berhubungan dengan mobile phones, bukan, bukan masalah T610 cintaku yang dicuri orang itu… bukan juga masalah gimana aku selalu bilang “klo belom dibanting, belom sah jadi punyaku!” itu. NO! clearly not that.

I’ll be honest since it’s a bit embarrassing for me, but someone ever used me as an outlet for his lust (read as phone sex). But to think about it again, the responses I gave at that time were just “huh? what? ah ic….” I don’t understand how it can developed into a phone sex, and causing him to moans and groans and somewhat like trying to do many disgusting things ¬.¬
At first, I didn’t take it much, I just considered him as a strange person that ‘desperately seeking’ someone to talk to. And since I hardly sleep at night (iyes, saya kalong… manusia malam, a nocturnal person) I didn’t care much. He called, and I answered, he told stories I listened to him (no, not attentively since I thought I need some sleep too, so sometimes I fell asleep during his tell-tale stories), and just that until he started saying vulgar things, and half-awake me was just like “uh huh…” or “wha?” This strange all-nighter call lasted for a few months. I don’t know why but he called me over and over again, I even forgot where did he knew my number (at that time, many people called me while I’m completely clueless about them, who they are, and how they get my number). Can’t even say it’s a clear/complete/real conversation though since by the time he started saying vulgar stuffs, I got sleepy and fell asleep *shrugs*.
The torture stop a week after I’m committed to R***, that weirdo guy suddenly called and asked me out, and I simply said “well, I have a bf now.” then he poofs. Yappari! \o/ (if I knew he would step back with those words, I already said that a long time ago).

Then, I decided to have another number (I bought that number when I thought that his vulgar words and relentless calls were a bit out of control, so I think I need another number to keep him away since one of my policies is ‘not to lie’ so I won’t lie, even to him). This new number is pretty much unknown for most people, I used to give them my old number while this one is just for some people (especially for those who lives abroad, yes, that includes R***). Now, just now… approximately 30 minutes ago, there was this strange conversation.

*suddenly my phone rang, (yeah, ringtone for the week is still Champions’s League Theme).
me: “hello…”
a stranger : tuuuuuuuuuuuuut *hung up*
me: “what the…?” *shrugs* *ignores*

5 minutes later
*my phone rang again
me: “hello….”
a stranger: “hello….”
me: “Who is this?”
a stranger: “xxx(censored name for further usage >:3), who is this?”
me: “Huh?” *twitch twitch*
me: “seriously, who is this?”
a stranger: tuuuuuuuuuuuuuut *hung up again*

3 minutes afterwards
*again… ‘these are the champions… we’re all the champions…….. these are the chances… to live….’
me: “hello….” (a bit lazy-like and not expecting much)
a stranger: tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut *hung up again*

The good thing is, he didn’t call me again afterward 😀
Still, it bugged me, a lot. 1, he called my new number…. while not many people know it. 2, he acted as if it’s a game to play. I mean, even prank phones have their limits, and yeah it’s a prank phone for me. 3. I pity my mobile’s battery 😡

Jadi, kesimpulannya adalah!
* Never put me on a bad mood like this by calling for nothing like that!
* Better then, don’t call me if it’s not important! (except if you’re R***)
* Please respect anyone you’re calling (it’s not just for me… but also for other people…)
* I hate mobile phones :3 (I’m not as kind as my Yang, or even soft-hearted as Yin. I can be blunt and mean if I want to, and yeah… I can scream, shout, as well as curse on the phone :x)

Song Mood : The Cure – Wrong Number; Moby – Porcelain


  1. pertamax!

    bad girl… nasty girl..

    umhh… wait a second?

    are you a girl? for God sake!! so youre a girl?!?!?!?

    *ngabur sebelum ditimpuk pake pentungan*

  2. *nimpuk2 nFath pake bakiak Fandi* XDD

    Saya memang kekurangan hal-hal yang membuat saya dipertanyakan statusnya. Kurang gizi, kurang dada (ops), kurang feminin, kurang duit (kagak perlu dibilang yes).

    Sikashi…. I’m not a nasty one >_>

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