Happiness… Uresshii na~~~

Okay… it’s monday, and I didn’t get a good start this morning :s

Kejadian pertama, tutup flash disk ilang, emang ga keliatan penting seh. But still…. flash disc ini flash disc kenangan (cieee kalimatna) soalna dapetna gratisan, tahan banting, plus plus dah pokokna. Walopun isinya cuma 512 mb. Next after that, ada orang SKSD ke aku…. Well, I haven’t sleep at all, and suddenly she talks rapidly and acted real nice to me. I just replied shortly and avert my eyes. Okay, as if I still need more pain to start my day… a friend came and well… it’s not that I dislike or detest or even despise her, but she’s simply annoying. Or she’s annoyingly uber annoying? *shrugs*. And just like any other day, she bugged me again.

Humm… padahal paginya, dah lumayan seneng :S soalna abis sukses ngelewatin first month! \o/

Akhirnya, saya bisa punya relationship yang lebih dari hitungan minggu… dah masuk 1 bulan! \o/ Yippeee~~~~~ happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy. Well, I’m not THAT happy though. I’m glad that we can survive this quite easily… Well, I have my own doubts and anxiety (and I believe he’s not much better than me on doubts and anxiety). One thing for sure… we’re gonna try to work it out together. Afterall, a relationship will work if it’s equal, with lotsa compromise… We need to talk much, and also enjoying our ‘togetherness’.

Anata to naritai
Anata to shiawase ni naritai
Dakara tsuretette
Koko ja nai doko ka e.

Song Mood: The Beatles – You Like Me Too Much

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